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Shared Love for the Water

Firstborn had a chance to show his Dad his swimming “skills” during hubby’s surprise visit here in Iloilo last week.

Hubby’s visit also gave a chance to Second-born to be on the bigger pool. Enjoyed he did! Especially when his Dad prodded him to jump into the water so he could catch him. It took some encouraging and when he finally did, Second-born wanted nothing else but to jump and jump from the side of the pool to his Daddy’s arms:

with full trust, he jumped

With Second-born’s newly-found enjoyment of the water, he and his Kuya have one more thing in common:

a shared love for the water


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6 thoughts on “Shared Love for the Water

    1. no tes, extended vacay here… picture with M above was in Sarabia during Firstborn’s swimming class. he and Second-born played in the water, too. ’twas a surprise visit!

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