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Lay-Away Plan for Clothes?

You badly WANT clothes… but you don’t have the money to buy them… what would you do?


I saw these signs in several boutiques while I was going around the mall where Firstborn is having his 3x/week workshop with Sikat Academy. I actually expressed my surprise and asked what those signs were for? It was the sales ladies turn to be amused. They told me selling clothes in lay-away plans is normal and has been a practice for quite awhile. I asked who would do that, I mean, buy things through a lay-away plan? “Students”, they answered. Students would pay for the item they reserved everytime they have money to spare until they pay the whole amount. Only then would they be able to get the item.

Do you know how much are the items on display? Php300, 500 and rarely touches the 600 level.

My reaction? “If those girls are my daughters, they would never receive an allowance from me again!”  

It’s  not about buying clothes that I am against with. It is about spending money that you don’t have in your hands yet. Girls with this kind of attitude will end up having maxed out credit cards.

“Don’t live beyond your means, not even within your means. If possible, live below your means.”

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6 thoughts on “Lay-Away Plan for Clothes?

  1. I’ve been familiar with this system though never opted for it. I was still in Elementary when several shops near my school offered this service. They mostly cater to High School and College students for obvious reasons.

    I just find it funny about the prices you said. The ones I remembered where of 500-1,000+ range for branded shoes, jeans etc. e.g.Cole haan, Tretorn, CK the top brands during the 90s. yikes!

    1. the lay-away plan is easier to understand (not necessarily more acceptable hehehe) when the items are more expensive… estudtyanteng presyo talaga at talagang pilit na kinukuha sa allowance:-).

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