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Firstborn’s First Taste of Sikat Academy

One of the things that keeps Firstborn – and me! – busy here in Iloilo is “Sikat Academy“.  It’s Iloilo’s 4-in-1 summer workshop for kids. Originally, they only have 1 program for kids from 6 years old. Now, that they are on their 4th year, they added the Junior 4-in-1 playshop and the Junior Chef programs.

I first contemplated on putting Firstborn in the original 4-in-1 workshop that has singing, dancing, acting, and newscasting and hosting. But he is only 5 years old and putting him with that age group might not do much to his self-confidence (familiar with Malcolm Gladwell? hehehe) since he will be a year younger than all the other kids. He ended up with the Junior 4-in-1 Playshop that has singing, dancing, acting, and visual art. It also has a once-a-week 1-hour playtime at Dave’s Funhouse. Now, I’m pretty sure, he is looking forward to his playtime the most!

Sikat Academy had an opening salvo/orientation last April 15 at Robinson’s Place Iloilo:

The Junior Playshop kids were orginally not scheduled to go up on stage. I had to tell Firstborn that only the big kids were to go up the stage that day. He reasoned out, “But I’m also a big boy.”

Good thing, some of the Junior Playshop kids gathered near the stage and saved the day. They eventually had their first taste of the Sikat Academy stage.

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