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Stove Top Siphon Coffee-Maker

We had this addition to our growing coffee-makers collection weeks ago but I just realized I haven’t blogged about this:-).

This is a stove-top siphon coffee maker. This is different from the Hario Syphon coffee maker we first had. Unlike the first one where we watched the water boil and the coffee go down from the upper chamber of the vacuum pot, this one has to be done on top of the stove. The concept is much the same since they are both vacuum coffee pots.  But this one’s faster and can make up to 8 cups of coffee.

This is a pretty good choice especially when we have guests over.

stove top siphon coffee maker

Personally though, I’m still partial to our first syphon coffee pot. I love watching the whole process while we are enjoying our breakfast amidst the noise that our two boys make:-).

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7 thoughts on “Stove Top Siphon Coffee-Maker

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  2. This is interesting! It’s brewing system is very similar to the traditional coffee maker here in Spain 🙂 but I like this because one can use all the senses while the coffee is getting brewed… You touch the coffee, hear the water boil, actually see the whole process of brewing, smell the aroma and then finally taste it ahhhhh! I crave for a freshly brewed coffee now!!

    Spanish Pinay

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