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Shame on you, Eulalio Diaz III!

I can’t stop posting my political views because I am extremely flabbergasted with the way the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona had been railroaded in Congress.

To even give our thoughts regarding the guilt or innocence of the Chief Justice is already an act of injustice to the man. One can only offer his views regarding another’s guilt or innocence when there are evidences available to even start the charges against that person. It is not so with the Chief Justice. Evidences were non-existent on the day he was impeached and it was planted by the LRA Administrator and the prosecution team weeks after the charge was submitted.

He was vilified in public even before charges had been forwarded… just because the great, self-righteous president of the Philippines who claims for himself and his family holiness absent in others, ordered that he must be out of his way.

"Do not bite the hands that feed you" - and so he will continue on licking Pnoy's ass

The Chief Justice had been pronounced guilty by the yellow mob and the yellow media upon the prosecutors’ presentation – in the media, of course – that he has 45 properties under his name. Those who have followed the impeachment trial would know by now that the list was submitted by LRA Administrator Atty. Eulalio Diaz III – a grade school batch mate of the “holy” president who has served him in his Senate office and in his presidential campaign. Till the end, he refused to acknowledge the grave mistake he had done – but, of course! You don’t bite the hands that feed you, eh?

The list consisted of cancelled titles and even those owned by persons who are in no way related to the Chief Justice or to any member of his family. Will somebody have the courage – there is a legal requirement for one to be a party in a case to qualify him to file a case – to charge this despicable man with “gross negligence in the performance of his duties?” Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago had recited in the proceedings his violations and even the other senators have united in their perplexity against such negligence. His was abuse of power and position. What a shame to his family! But… money works… even integrity can be bought.

Hail Yellows! This is what you have campaigned for… a vindictive President who does not look forward to the future but only steadies himself on looking back at the past for his promised revenge.

No thanks, Yellows!

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