Online Shopping for Authentic Longchamp

I have had my one and only Longchamp Planetes Cross Body Bag for over 2 years now. Even though it looks quite old, I love it especially when I’m determined to go out on comfy mode!

Aside from the Planetes, Longchamp also has a leather collection. And I would want to have one! I might look at its Rosseau and Legende lines.

For those who are interested to have their own piece, check these items from Pam’s collections:

These are just a few pieces from her on-hand collection. Check out her Facebook page for more pictures. If you fancy something from there, this FB page is the best way to get in touch with her. But if you’re in the Philippines, you may immediately get in touch with her through her mobile number (0917 488 7888) for faster transactions.

Pam, who is actually a dentist by profession, had been receiving orders for her authentic Longchamp pieces from Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE and the US.

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2 thoughts on “Online Shopping for Authentic Longchamp

  1. wow reading this post is very on time!haha! i just saw my cousins long champ last night and immediately want to have one too. and now you have a link where i can get one. yehey! thanks for sharing! =)

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