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Noynoy Aquino Noynoying on a Working Day with Grace Lee

Two tweets from two celebrities today (March 22, 2012):

from Edu Manzano:

Pnoy & Grace Lee spotted at Promenade Greenhills today. In the middle of the day. To be fair, it IS a nice day of a leisurely stroll.


from Karen Davila:

Hmm… PNOY and Grace Lee strolling in Greenhills on a Thursday. Must be a light day…

Both tweets were immediately answered that the President was presiding over a NEDA meeting. One was even answered by Lacierda himself… just goes to show top cabinet officials are busy with their topmost concerns namely: NOYNOYING and damage control for the noynoying President.

And to top it all, Tony Velasquez immediately refuted the veracity of the tweets in ANC… Wow! That’s government machinery and Philippine media in the works! And just how prompt are they in immediately rescuing the noynoying President?

Consider the lack of news in mainstream media regarding the deliberate efforts of the prosecutors to mislead the public regarding CJ Corona’s properties.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

No thanks, Yellows!


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4 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino Noynoying on a Working Day with Grace Lee

  1. Tsk tsk tsk Oh my, this news makes my blood boil. There are lots of pressing issues nowadays in the country and all our President does besides “Noynoying” is to go on a date. Hay, still several years of his reign. 🙁

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