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Niel Tupas, Jr.: Epitome of a Shameless Politician

without integrity... without shame

He has repeatedly received flak for  his incompetence.

But his face remains smiling and happy. Who would not be, when under this holy administration, a number of his relatives had been appointed to government positions? That is not even talking about the perks they are receiving.

He vows to search and show the people the truth (and what about the truth behind the grafty and corruption charges against your father?)… and he presented fake documents, planted evidences, presented a powerpoint presentation of charges against the Chief Justice, prosecuted without basis and gathered evidences after the charge had been filed. In all of these actions he had been going about without shame. He is being tolerated not because he is brilliant. Far from that… judging from his performance in the impeachment trial. He is being tolerated because he is the epitome of a politician who would do anything and everything to be in continuous good graces with the “Holy One”.

He is a shameless politician who has thrown away integrity.

No thanks, Yellows!

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