Moody Mary Accessories

I finally got my 2 accessories from Moody Mary!

These came all the way from Singapore where Jil, the brains and the designer behind Moody Mary, resides.

I was impressed with her collection when I saw a good friend, Ann, wearing two of her accessories. I browsed through her site and found her pieces very interesting. There’s also the assurance that I don’t bump into someone wearing identical accessories with mine. So ordered I did and got the items right in time before I leave for my Philippine vacation:-).

I was pleasantly surprised with the notecards attached to Jil’s accessories. She personally writes her “thank you” and in the other accessory her note offers a tip on how to take care of the item. Isn’t that thoughtful?

Aside from her necklaces, she also has earrings and… clothes! Now, hop on to her site to view more of her Moody Mary collection.


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