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Jasmine Lee’s Education

I left Korea a few days ago with a positive feeling that Philippine-born Jasmine Lee will become the first foreign-born Congresswoman comes second week of April, after South Korea’s election. She is South Korea’s Ruling Party’s number 15 candidate representing Multiculturalism and Single Parent sectors.

But just today, Jasmine Lee’s education is a hot subject in South Korean’s internet environ. To better explain it, here’s Betchay’s (of Buhay sa Korea) post:


Currently, Jasmine Lee is trending as the hottest topic on Korea’s cyberspace. The bad thing is, people are talking about an alleged “education forgery” scandal. They said that in one TV show on KBS2, she (or the caption) claimed that she went to medical school.

Jasmine Lee could’ve been misquoted, Jas’ candidate profile, trending on Daum

It could’ve been the difference in our educational system that was the problem. In the Philippines, one has to attend pre-Medical school first before the Medical proper for a total of eight (8) years education. It is quite different here in Korea. As far as I know, they didn’t have a pre-Med here until a few years ago. They also didn’t have pre-Law courses here until a few years ago.

The press could’ve misunderstood Jasmine when she said that she was in pre-Med. They could’ve translated it to mean Medical school. There is no intention of defrauding the public when JASMINE LEE 이자스민 HONESTLY listed on her profile that she went to Ateneo De Davao and studied BS Biology (considered a pre-Med course) for three school years.

The caption on the photo when she guested on the KBS2 show could also have been a mistake, not by her own doing. I didn’t watch the show so I couldn’t really comment. However, this reminded me of Lee Da Hae who was hated by a lot of Filipinos when she spoke English with an “Asian” accent. Too bad for her that the caption showed the Philippine flag and the name of the country in Korean. Remember that?

Since Jasmine attended Ateneo de Davao, here is a fact about their pre-Med course:

Q: What is the pre-med course in Ateneo? A: The BS Biology program is the course generally taken by Ateneo students in preparation for medical school. On the whole, 100% of the graduates of BS Bio have been admitted to Davao Medical School and top medical schools of the country.

I hope her party will release a statement soon to clear this up.



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4 thoughts on “Jasmine Lee’s Education

  1. Hi there, Ms. Wendy.

    i posted my comments on buhaykroea. will just re-post my opinion here.

    i’d rather be an open-minded person than magnify a small thing. there are many people out there who have shown their ability to lead, but sadly, their advocacy and missions are deterred by hypocrisy. it’s disappointing that even your countrymen will help in justifying why another fellow is at fault; will help in pinning down in an effort to squirt out the dirt.

    people see things in different perspectives. for me, this issue is shallow. i find it ridiculous and disturbing when your own fellows try to justify that a simple mistake, or if you want to call it a lie (so be it, leche!), makes a person a “lifesize liar” and incompetent to lead. so gano’n na lang ‘yon? this justifies why Ms Lee cannot be trusted; why she cannot lead; why she’s not qualified to run. forget about her accomplishments and contributions; forget about what she’s sincerely done for her fellows and other people. well, to each his own. but a simple lie or mistake is not an intelligent excuse to fault someone who has remarkably made a niche for herself.

    oh hypocrisy! must you be the reason why people are “perfect?”

  2. lesson learned folks! education in korea is an enormous thing. let’s be holders and owners of that degree before we can openly talk about it especially on tv. one best thing is that jasmine lee didn’t do any falsification of documents whatsoever, i’m keeping my hopes high, so she can be cleared.

  3. Since from the start when she showed up in TV, she already started to lie about her life. She lied to the people in Korea and to the Pilipino in general. Actually, I admired Jasmine at her young age that she looks very confident in talking during interviews even if what comes out from her mouth is not true. I think she has this saying ” No guts No glory”

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