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Damage Control

The damage control team of Malacanang had been very busy after the “NOYNOYING” term came out yesterday.

As if everyone is not aware of Noynoy Aquino’s busy life of noynoying pretty girls – they change every season – and his noynoying obsession over PGMA and CJ Corona, the damage control team has to cheaply come up with “busy” pictures of the President.

Of course, both pictures above were published in the Aquino family’s newspapers, the PDI and the ABS-CBN online site. And, of course, it has to be as commercialized as it can be… with the PDI newspaper glaringly displayed on the President’s table.

Really, it’s such a blessing that the impeachment trial is televised. Those who have television and internet connection have direct access to the proceedings and can clearly see how things are done, rather than just being dependent on the very biased media that the Philippines currently has. Well, Hacienda Luisita is not a cheap property. It goes to follow that it can afford anyone and everyone who are willing to be bought.

Yellows doomed the Philippines!

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