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Valentines Day in Korea

I had a date with a female friend in my house last Valentines Day with 2 kids running around and talking in loud voices.We ended up with this:

How’s that for Valentines? lol.

Hubby was very busy and had to attend to a spoiled company guest but he also made sure to have dinner with us in the house before leaving again later that evening.

Since I am here in Korea, I just have to demand for his time and for chocolates next month. It is a custom here for men to give chocolates to women on March 14. February 14 is for women to give chocolates to men:-). I know, you’d feel displaced when you’re new here especially when all your life you have been conditioned to feel extra special on Valentine’s Day.

When you’re in Rome, do what the Romans do… and when you’re in Seoul on Valentines Day, you have no excuse but to buy chocolates for the men out there because chocolates are EVERYWHERE.


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