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Sooryehan Hyo Sample

I got this sample pack after I purchased a hand lotion from LG:

Not in picture was the Sooryehan Essence.

This line uses fermentation of more than 15 oriental herbs which are known for anti-aging.You will definitely have a sense that this is an oriental skin care item when you get to smell it. But the smell isn’t overpowering. It’s light. But for those who are not too familiar or who are not used to the smell of oriental products, this might bother you. But I personally like the toner, the emulsion and the essence that I got from this line!

One thing I have noticed, toners of Korean skin care brands are soft to the skin. You don’t even need to use cotton pads. You can feel them seeping through when you use your palms. This is coming from me whose idea of a toner are those from Neutrogena and Body Shop:-).

Anyway, I do like this product. But I am not yet in the stage that I am going to stick with this. Besides, I am still enjoying the freebies that I always get from my other purchases.

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