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My Overnight Footspa

Last week, Seoul was freezing at -17 degrees to -15 degrees. It wasn’t a pleasant week to go out of the house and so Second-born and I mostly stayed indoors save for those times when we had to bring Firstborn to the lobby to wait for his school bus and pick him up again in the afternoon in time for the return of his school bus.

I badly needed to put on socks at night time and one night I happily put this on overnight:


This is where it came from:


Good thing I happened to see this at the right time last year at the Lotte Supermarket in Gongdeok. It was the end of Fall last year when the soles of my feet were badly collecting callouses because of the dry, cold month of November. I needed a foot spa but Seoul’s over the top foot spa price is enough to drive me away from the direction of nail salons.

I was glad I found this foot therapy product. My feet feels smooth and clean after an effortless night of donning it on. It does wonders, no exaggeration here!

There are well-known skin care brands carrying this kind of item too but I have not tried them on yet. In the meantime, I am quite content with this Maybreeze product.

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9 thoughts on “My Overnight Footspa

  1. Wow, that feels nice. I never knew there was an overnight footspa product. Hope it will be available in the Philippines soon. That would be very refreshing! 🙂

  2. Oh wow! This looks nice! 🙂 I love pampering my feet too…lucky for us, spa prices here are quite reasonable. 🙂 But I love DIY’s too. I’m now on the look out for more items from this brand… ;-D

  3. thanks for the review ate Wendy! i have always been curious about this product. i badly need it too.. even before sooae reached her first month, i noticed cracks on my heels. moisturizers and foot creams don’t help.. i’ll definitely try this one…

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