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What I Do with My Coffee Ground Left-overs

I’ve had several posts about our (my husband mostly) penchant for coffee. We grind our own coffee since hubby prefers freshly grounded coffee beans and the aroma it gives out.

What do we do with these coffee ground leftovers?


There are several uses for the coffee ground left-overs and you can check My Hotta Cuppa Coffee’s post on Effective Use of Coffee Ground Leftover.

In my case, I just put them in two separate containers for the toilet and the refrigerator. I use them as deodorizers. Sometimes, I just throw them all over the sink and scrub them to make the sink shinier.

Yesterday, I read a post by Spanish Pinay and she uses her coffee ground leftovers as body scrubs! Don’t you just love what these leftovers could do for you?

I suddenly remembered a skin care package I availed from Skinetics in Iloilo where coffee ground beans was used for the body scrub. I remembered feeling clean after:-).

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3 thoughts on “What I Do with My Coffee Ground Left-overs

  1. oh, more ideas on use of coffee ground left-overs 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

    I’m definitely going to try using them for the kitchen sink, Ours need something to recover its shine so this is really going to be handy for me 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Hi Wendy! We have a huge bowl of leftover ground coffee everyday. That’s how much we love to drink coffee in this house. Fresh from the coffeemaker, I take the coffee grind to the bathroom and use it as a facial scrub 🙂 I also love to use it as a body scrub. I mix it with yoghurt body wash and viola! I get velvety soft skin. It’s non-drying so the effect is really heaven-like 🙂

    I also keep a container of used ground coffee in the bathroom sink which I use for hand washing. It does take away years off the back of your hands, I swear. Antibacterial soaps can be drying so I use the ground coffee as a follow up wash. Crazy, huh?

    1. … for handwashing – i shoud do this! thanks much!

      i think i really should try to use this as a body scrub, too. now, you’re the second person i’ve read who uses and raves about this!

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