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Vacuum Cofee Maker at Serye Cafe Filipino

Aside from UCC, I found another coffee shop serving brewed coffee using a Vacuum Coffee Maker in the Philippines. It’s Serye Cafe Filipino in Eastwood.


The Syphon coffee maker they are using is customized (I think!) as the gas container for its 4 units of Syphon Coffee makers is set on a long rectangular metallic stand:

one unit missing in the picture is being prepared for my coffee

The coffee shop is also selling various coffee makers, some of which we already have, and Philippine-grown coffee beans:


Of course, we bought some for our own personal use:-).


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5 thoughts on “Vacuum Cofee Maker at Serye Cafe Filipino

    1. and i would love to see the sprouting of coffee shops there in the Philippines… those that do not carry the name of international chains… and would love to see them doing successful business!

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