Raymen Beach Resort Get-away

The Raymen Beach Resort is located at Nueva Valencia, Jordan, Guimaras. It is a popular beach destination and has become a good and affordable alternative to Boracay, at least insofar as our family is concerned:-).


From Iloilo, one can take the ferry boat going to JordanĀ at Ortiz. Upon arrival at the Jordan port, it is easy to transact for a jeepney or a multicab that your group can hire towards Raymen Beach Resort. If you have prior contacts for your transportation, all the better to save time negotiating for the price.

There is a very minimal fee of P20.00 per head on your entrance to the beach resort. Contrary to the notices that they usually hand out, visitors could actually bring in food and they don’t charge corkage for it. For convenience though, you could also just bring yourselves and your swimwears and order your food and drinks from the resort itself. Food isn’t expensive!

The beach is really good for swimming and the short shoreline is a sandy white.


We are definitely going back again and again! Well… we always had:-)

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