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More Awards to Inspire

Our favorite Filipina here in Seoul has just added more awards to her name… and more reasons to inspire other women living here in South Korea. Jasmine Lee ended 2011 with 1 award to her name and started 2012 with 2 awards recognizing her brilliant effort for the multicultural community.

She got an award from KBS December last year from the viewing public as one of the personalities who touched the hearts of many KBS viewers:

taken from Jaz FB page (with permission)
taken from Jaz FB page (with permission)

On her birthday this year, January 6, she was one of the awardees for the 2012 MIZI Future Women Leaders Awards:

Jasmine Lee third from left (report from Naver)

Last January 17, she received recognition for her contribution to multiculturalism in Korea and received the Korea Image Millstone Award from Corea Image Communication Institute.

Jasmine Lee second from right (report from Korea Times)

Kudos! We’ll see more of her, definitely!

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