Feasting on Peking Duck at the Choi Palace

The last time (and the first time) I had eaten Peking Duck was in Beijing… and that was almost four years ago! So, it was a pleasant surprise that the set menu that hubby chose for our New Year’s eve dinner at the Choi Palace in Eastwood included a Peking Duck servedĀ 2-ways. The skin was already carved and served in a rolled Chinese pancake.

good thing there are still a few pieces left for my blog's photo:-)

I remember our meal in Beijing where the skin was carved right in front of us and we had to prepare it ourselves – that means hubby had to do it as I 1) didn’t know how to do it, lol and 2) I hadĀ the most convenient excuse of always going after our 2-year old Firstborn. The remaining duck meat was served: img_1674 This minced duck was served with lettuce which you could eat burrito-style. img_1675 There was nothing exceptional about the minced duck served with lettuce but I did like the roasted skin:-).

Since this is only the second time I had Peking Duck, I would love to try it again served in 3-ways. I’m curious how the soup would taste. Until then…

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