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An Afternoon of Fun and Laughter with the Late Statesman Doy Laurel

My first job with ACCRALAW was supposed to give me a good start in the legal profession, lol! But I am now legal head of my own household, hahahaha. Anyway, that part of my life gave me good memories and good experiences. One of which was the rare opportunity to work with Nick Joaquin (yes! the National Artist) when he was commissioned by ACCRA to write a book.

And one of the unforgettable interviews we went to was his interview with the late Statesman, Doy Laurel.

 photo FB_IMG_1465534862580_zpszxh8eyn5.jpg
1999 photo with the late former VP Doy Laurel at his residence’s library

For me, he happens to be the last remaining Statesman of the country. And I am so honored to be bringing home this:


It’s an old book about his life written by Nick Joaquin. I noted down after reading it in 1999 that reading his life story is like reading Philippine history. Who else can claim such a life?

The events in his family’s life happens as Philippine history unfolds… and they are IN it. They play a major role in it. Who else has this kind of family history? GMA, perhaps. The Aquinos, too. They go back generations. But they they are not Statesmen in the level of the late Salvador Laurel. Far… very far.

What made the book extra special for me was this:


Oh yeah! This happens to be one of my most precious book! And I found this again on my little bookshelf in my room in Iloilo.

Wartime President Sotero Laurel had an autograph for Imelda (which Imelda showed Doy when she tried to persuade him not to oppose the Philcag bill) which goes like this:

“To my dear Imelda, at whose home I spent an evening of music and memorable laughter. I hope that someday one of my sons will find you in the same beauty as I see.”

Indirect emotional blackmail that didn’t work:-).

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