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A Rodeo Ride in Eastwood

We were in Serye Cafe Filipino when Firstborn excitedly barged into the coffee shop asking for money… so that he could ride a COW!

Apparently, there is a Rodeo Ride for kids there:


Firstborn fell twice but his cousin was steady all throughout. You could ask the operator to adjust the speed… big cousins asked the operator to make it faster for Firstborn! and he had a good laugh over it. How he enjoyed it!

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2 thoughts on “A Rodeo Ride in Eastwood

  1. That was fun! I didn’t see that rodeo ride when we visited Eastwood back in December last year… but the next time we visit Pinas? We’ll definitely check it out. I’m sure our Little Spanish Pinay will enjoy watching kids ride the rodeo 😀

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Spanish Pinay

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