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Travelling to Guimaras under a Storm Signal

We are all aware by now about the tragedy that befell on people of Cagayan de Oro brought about by Typhoon Sendong. Iloilo had been under Storm Signal No. 1 but we didn’t experience the typhoon’s wrath save for sporadic rain showers that appeared to be just your normal rain showers in a tropical country like the Philippines.

Anyway, in spite of the storm signal I brought my Little Ones for a day trip to the island of Guimaras as I have previously promised a sweet little girl to have an advance birthday party for her with my 2 little boys since we have never attended her birthday parties that always fall every 23rd of December.

Going to the island of Guimaras means we have to cross the Guimaras Strait through a ferry boat. If you are going to Buenavista, you have to board the ferry boats in Parola. If you are going to the other side of Guimaras in Jordan, you have to board the ferry boats in Ortiz. We were going to Buenavista and boarded a ferry boat that looks like this:


Regular fare on a regular day is P14.50 and children from 2 – 7 years old are charged P7.00.


However, when there is a storm signal as there was last Friday P20.00 is being charged per passenger. It was just a short ferry ride to the island of Guimaras, 10-15 minutes. This is what greets you when you arrive on the port of Buenavista:


It was a smooth sailing ride which the kiddos enjoyed…

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3 thoughts on “Travelling to Guimaras under a Storm Signal

  1. Sa totoo lang takot ako sumakay ng boat. Nung pumunta kami puerto Galera at sumakay ng boat ako lang samin ang nag life vest at yung pamangkin ko. lol! Pinapagtawanan nga nila ako. E sabi ko kailan ka pa mag la life vest? Kung lulubog na ba ang boat? Di kaya ako dunong lumangoy. hehehe!

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