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Iope Super Vital Extra Moist Twin Pact

I purchased this Iope Super Vital Extra Moist Twin Pact and had been using this for more than 6 weeks already:


I am very satisfied with the smooth and even looking effect it gives after application. I then finalize the look with my SS Brightenig Coral Powder and I’m ready to go out:-).

If you notice, there are 2 puffs included in the set. The first one – the one with the blue strip – is used for a light and bright complexion. The second one – inside the sealed plastic – is for a more covered makeup look. I have honestly not used the second one as I am satisfied with the first puff. Besides, I really don’t like a covered makeup look… I just want it smooth and light. But then again, you may not take my word on this one as I didn’t try the second puff. Try it if you want to know the difference:-).

This is quite on the pricey side but I got a really good gift set for this:


I once blogged about my desire to have the Iope Super Vital Extra Moist Cream but I was intimidated by its price worth 160,000-won. I contented myself with the sachet sample packs. But with my purchase of the twin pact, I got the above gift set. I was just too happy to receive it, I hugged the store owner:-). This was the same store which gave me the VIP special kit under theĀ Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal line. Like the first VIP kit, this Super Vital Extra Moist line includes a softener, emulsion, serum, cream and eye cream.

I love this particular line (the Super Vital Extra Moist) of Iope and I love the creamy, extra moist effect on my skin especially during the dry and cold season in Seoul. Again, I have to be honest that this might not be a favorite here in hot and humid Philippines. The creamy feeling may turn out to give a sticky feeling after application. I felt that way so while I am here in the Philippines now, I make sure that whenever I apply this routine skin care, the air conditioner is on. I allow myself to get out of the room only after the whole stuff has settled in, otherwise my sweaty face is an unlikely sight:-).

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