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Hilton Christmas Train

Hubby surprised me with a Hilton Hotel dinner – with the two boys – during our 6th wedding anniversary.

At first, he said he only wanted the boys to see the huge rotating indoor Christmas tree of the Hilton Hotel:


This huge Christmas tree will greet you upon entering the hotel lobby.

When you look down from the sides of the Christmas tree, you will see the Christmas train display which hubby was sure to amaze the boys… and it did! They hurriedly went down to gaze with wonder at the trains…


There were many trains moving around but I was only able to take the picture above. Other pictures taken were these depicting idyllic Christmas time scenery:




The Hilton Christmas Train is an annual train display by Hilton hotel chains with boxes strategically located around the train display area for worthwhile causes. I remember the same, albeit smaller, train display at the Hilton Tokyo Bay in Tokyop Disneyland when we stayed there to celebrate Firstborn’s first birthday.

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