Uniqlo in Myeongdong

A friend and I set out for Myeongdong last Saturday and we were so surprised to see a big crowd between the Tabby and the Miliogre Shopping Malls in Myeongdong. It turned out that the crowd responded to the hype of the Uniqlo Global Flagship Store opening. The grand opening was actually last 11.11.11. The enthusiasm, and the lure of the blanket freebie for purchases over 30,000-won, extended over the weekend.

It was a large crowd forming long lines outside the Tabby Shopping Mall where the Global Flagship Store is located:


Picture above was just on one side of the building. There was another crowd at the other side.

Aside from Uniqlo being affordable, items were on sale. Unfortunately, we had to catch the screening of Wandeugi in Bucheon with the other Seoulites that day where a meet-and-greet by the cast was scheduled. We didn’t have the luxury of time to line up for Uniqlo so we just settled on our original shopping destinations, Zara and H&M. Forever 21 was not included but when two ladies get together, there’s no way you can resist the pull of shopping. We still ended up late for the movie, hahaha. Good thing I was able to watch it on its VIP Premier:-).

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