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My Own Rajo Laurel Beabi Bag

Good friend Cathy is here in Seoul for a visit… been looking forward to her visit and been looking forward to have my Rajo Laurel Beabi Bag.


First knew about this bag from Joei of Definitely, Maybe. I instantly liked it and requested my friend to buy it for me. But the best part of owning it now is having it as a birthday gift.  

The bag is a limited artist edition designed by Rajo Laurel. The other two artists under this limited edition who designed for Beabi are Manny Pacquiao and Kim Chiu. The Rajo Laurel choice is a no-brainer for me.

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8 thoughts on “My Own Rajo Laurel Beabi Bag

  1. Oh! I saw that in the billboard somewhere in Robinson’s Pioneer. It looks so pretty up close pala. :)) Enjoy your tote! P.S. I’m waiting for your Iope brightening powder ball post. :))

  2. wow! wishing to have one too but i’ve got a lot of big totes for Sooae’s things already.. i checked their site and i’m very interested in their organizers. i badly need that for my big bags, haha!

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