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Iope’s S.S Brightening Coral Powder

A friend of mine said skin care products could be so addicting. I couldn’t agree more. Since I started venturing out to Korean skin care products – which just started a few months ago – I can’t stop myself from checking them out. Plus the fact that I get really good freebies – not just packet samples but VIP kits! Huh, it would not be surprising if hubby will impose a ban for my skin care purchases the next time he sees the bills.

One of my most recent purchases is Iope’s S.S (Small and Smooth) Brightening Coral Powder:


I love how it smoothens the skin and gives a brightening effect to the face, thanks to glitters that discreetly appear after 1-2 brushes of this coral powder. I rarely bring with me make-up kits for re-touches whenever I go out. A lip gloss is enough. But this coral powder makes me want to brush it on my face every now and then.

Needless to say, I am so into this product right now:-).

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8 thoughts on “Iope’s S.S Brightening Coral Powder

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  2. always a large enthusiast of linking in order to blog writers that i love however don’t get lots of hyperlink really like from.

  3. Oh! I love it! I like that it has a see through cover instead of a sifter lid. Envy much your freebies! True skincare can be addicting! 🙂 You just look at how pretty they are, and you just want more! 🙂 I want freebies too. 🙂 What’s an affordable Iope product that I can first try to get really nice freebies? 😉

    1. Hi des, i think this is the most affordable cosmetic i got from iope. it costs 35,000-won. their different skin care lines are pricey although i really like them, more than i have liked Laneige (sayang nga lang, i bought a Laneige cream which remains unopened because of the Iope freebies i got). so. i am a convert now hehehe.

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