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Hookah Smoking in Brixc Bar Itaewon

I have tried smoking a looooooooooonnnnng time ago… think about college. That’s like more than 15 years ago:-).  And I did it for only a short time because I didn’t really like its taste.

And so, I was a naive user of Hookah last weekend when I had a night out with friends at Itaewon. Apparently, hookah smoking is getting popular that some bars around Itaewon and Hongdae are offering it.


When I told hubby about it, he said it is a popular form of smoking in the Arab world. It is a form of social smoking for them and that when he brought his Arab guests to the same bar some months ago, his Arab guests were quite amused by the way the bar staffs were so careful about the hookah and they were instructed as to how to use it, maybe not knowing that it is the norm in the Arab world. During our own stay there, the staff was fearful that we might break it:-).

Contrary to what others may think that this is a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, I found out after reading about it that hookah smoking is actually as dangerous, if not more, to cigarette smoking. It makes you inhale more nicotine.  There are tobacco-free hookahs but I am not sure whether the apple-flavored hookah we got last weekend was one of those.

Anyway, smoking hookah is still the same as smoking cigarette since you inhale it, hold it for a little while and release the smoke. The difference is you inhale the smoke through a water pipe with a flexible hose the end of which has an opening where you can attach your individual mouthpiece for smoking. We were given a plastic mouthpiece each for our individual use.

It was a good experience and it was good to have known about it, though I am not keen on using it again:-).

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6 thoughts on “Hookah Smoking in Brixc Bar Itaewon

  1. I learned during my trip to Mumbai that this is quite commonplace in India too. I remember several of the other tables having these but it was a good thing that we were having dinner at the roof deck.

  2. Hi Mommy Wends. I’m a hookah fan! haha 🙂 Sadly, I’m a smoker. But I quit! :)) Yay for me! We just make sure to get the flavored nicotine free flavors. And I’m all set. 🙂 Just something to keep my mind off going back to smoking during night outs. :))

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