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Facial Cream of Choice

I got lots of sample packs of Hanyul Cream and Serum and Iope’s super vital extra moist cream.

I only got to take a picture of this last packs of Hanyul Cream and Hanyul Serum. I used the sample packs for more than a week and I loved them because they are extra creamy. But I just don’t like the ginseng smell in them so there’s no way I am going to buy it.

Hanyul Cream and Hanyul Serum
Hanyul Cream and Hanyul Serum

By the way, even if I want to, a Hanyul Cream 50ml bottle is sold at 200,000-won. Really, no way. But for the extra moisturizer that it gives during the cold months here in Seoul right now, I could bear the smell if I get more sample packs hahaha.

The facial moisturizer cream that I really prefer is Iope’s Super Vital Extra Moist Cream

my choice!
my choice!

I need the extra moisturizer because winter is so harsh to my skin and I get a very dry face. If I don’t check it out, the dryness comes through even after my application of foundation and powder. I set out to buy a bottle – and graduate from sample packs – last weekend only to find out that a 70ml bottle is pricedat 160,000-won. Duh! How could it be soooo expensive?

I have a few more days left of my current Clinique bottle. Until then, I need to check on an alternative… or stick it out with Clinique.

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