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Catholic Church Wedding for Philippine Passport Holders in Korea

Contents of this post might be a little bit obvious to some but for clarity, and in case some would find this information useful, I find it best to still reserve a post for this topic.

Filipino citizens residing in South Korea may have a Catholic Church wedding. The Hyewha Catholic Church in Hyehwa-dong is the most populated Catholic Church by Filipinos every Sunday as this is where Filipinos from South Korea congregate. Even those outside of Seoul take the effort to go to the Hyewha  Catholic Church, not just for their Sunday mass but also to meet fellow Filipinos and catch up with each other’s lives. So, for Catholic Filipino passport holders, Hyehwa is the most obvious venue of their church wedding.

But, it is important to note that parties do not just comply with the civil requirements for the Catholic Church to officiate the wedding. Couples could only get married in the Church after they have been married at the Embassy of the Philippines in Seoul. This is because between Filipinos only marriages officiated at the Embassy are legal and binding.

For a complete list of requirements for Filipino citizens who intend to get married in Korea, check the Philippine Embassy website. You will have the detailed list under the item Solemnization of Marriage.

This post is inspired by our family’s long-time Saturday companion who is getting married at the Philippine Embassy this Saturday. She and her husband-in-3-days will have their church wedding on January. Best wishes!

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3 thoughts on “Catholic Church Wedding for Philippine Passport Holders in Korea

  1. I would like to help my daughter who is goin to get married in Catholic church in Korea.. I would just like to ask where we could inquire about the requirements for church wedding. Thank you

  2. Hi.. i would just like to ask if you know where i could inquire about the requirements for church wedding in hyewa catholic church.. thank you~^^

  3. It’s the same here in the UAE…we must get married first at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate before we can have our church wedding. A bit tedious when you’re taking care of all the paper works but all worth it when you’re finally married =)

    Keep writing inspiring blogs! I’m an avid follower of your blog.

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