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Another Freebie: Iope VIP Special Kit

Recently made another purchase and look what I got for a freebie:


Seriously, this looks like a major purchase already, hahaha! But who am I to complain? I love freebies! And I love special freebies!

This Iope product is under its Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal line. The products in this VIP kit include 15ml softener, 15ml emulsion, 5ml serum, 8ml cream and 3ml eye cream. That completes your skin care regimen!.

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7 thoughts on “Another Freebie: Iope VIP Special Kit

  1. My friend spent the holidays in Korea and was kind enough to ask me what I wanted from there. I remembered your fabulous reviews about make up and stuff, so I told this friend that I wanted make up. I told even told San about quality make up you could buy from stalls there. So, there was me–excited, and San–confused. Turned out this he-man of a friend I have wouldn’t be caught buying make up. I’m getting chocolates and literally sugar-coated stuff instead. Ha-ha.

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