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Another Coffee-Maker in the House: French Press

We have a new coffee-maker in the house:

Our Bodum French Press. This is another coffee-maker that I share the love for with my husband. Like our Syphon Coffee-maker, I love the coffee that comes out of it. The particular model that we have is the Eileen French Press Coffee Maker in Gold Chrome serving 8 cups.


We have entertained friends with this coffee maker but we need to get ground beans which have been grounded specifically for a French Press to fully appreciate it.

It’s very simple to use.

Put the ground beans on the glass beaker of the coffee maker. Pour hot water and let it stay for 3-4 minutes.


Then slowly push the plunger pressing it down.


I particularly love the Gold Chrome steel that serves as the protective case of the beaker. It looks classy and it is simply beautiful to look at…

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