Talking with Im Sang-soo

I didn’t know I was talking to Im Sang-soo, a Korean film-maker last week.

After a talk with him, I asked a lady who was I talking to and she smiled and said “You were talking to Im Sang-soo. He is a popular film-maker here in Korea. His films were shown in festivals abroad like Cannes and Venice”. “Oh, ok”, I replied:-).

When I went home, I googled him, hehehe. He is a controversial director because of the theme of his movies but all of which are critically-acclaimed and some were box office hits. He is working on a new film now titled “The Taste of Money” which will star Kim Kang-Woo, Baek Yun-Shik and Yoon Yeo-Jung. There is no release date yet but we’ll just have to watch out for it next year, 2012:-).

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3 thoughts on “Talking with Im Sang-soo

  1. He’s a good director. I like “The President’s Last Bang”. I saw “The Housemaid” two months ago but I didn’t finish it… got bored ;p

    He also directed “A Good Lawyer’s Wife” and until now, I couldn’t get over that scene where a man pushed the son of the lawyer off the second floor of a building. It just happened so suddenly… chilling!

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