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Kenya AA Drip Coffee at O’Fete

As hubby and I are both coffee drinkers and I have been greatly influenced with his love for it, we spend weekends in a coffeeshop talking, reading or writing while the kiddos are sleeping in their strollers.

We decided to try out O’Fete’s Kenya AA drip coffee one weekend:

a cup ok Kenya AA drip coffee at 6,000-won
a cup ok Kenya AA drip coffee at 6,000-won

I was quite disappointed with the taste.  When hubby asked me how does it taste, I immediately replied “like water”. He was quite surprised and when he took a sip, he found it too bland.

So, if you’re out to experiment with coffee tastes like we sometimes do, I would not recommend O’Fete’s Kenya AA drip coffee. It is also very expensive at 6,000-won for that small cup above. Oh well, I would actually understand the price since it’s not your regular coffee and they had to do manual grinding of the beans only when there is an order since it’s not really popular yet but the taste is just not worth it.

So far, nothing still beats our regular and trusted coffee maker at home and of course, our weekend breakfast coffee luxury through our syphon coffee maker.

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