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Hanyul Eyecream

I contemplated between Clinique and Laneige in a previous post for my eye cream. I got neither hehehe.

I allowed myself to be convinced to buy this Hanyul Hydrapeak eye cream:


It’s an herbal brand of the Amore Pacific Group which is also the maker of Iope and Laneige.

This one is a 30ml bottle which costs 25,000-won.

So far, this has been diligently keeping me company day and night. I get to manage the puffiness in my eyes especially these days when I still wake up in the middle of the night for some writing jobs to do. I had the writing assignments reduced significantly but because of the schedule of the kids I still have to do most writing at night time:-).

Anyway, I’m in this for the long haul. This bottle will last me a long time so I guess the price is worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Hanyul Eyecream

  1. I am writing an short story about beauty pagents and I was wondering what they actually do. I dont want opinions on weather beauty pagents are right or wrong I just want to know what they do. Do they just model clothes, do they do talents, is it in rounds. I am more interested in pagents for children 5-15 years old as that is what my story is about. Any answers would be so helpful.

    To repeat myself, what to the entrants do in a beauty pagent?

  2. thanks for the review ate Wendy. i got miniature set/samples of hanyul from my last visit to amorepacific and i still haven’t tried them yet.

    when i finish my clinique eye cream, i’ll definitely get myself this one later. soo ae still wakes up a lot to feed during the night. i don’t mind though but i definitely need to take care of the eye area, kkk…

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