Can’t Part With His Fave Shoes

Since Second-born discovered his love for Lightning McQueen, there was not a day when he would not insist to watch Cars. Even the hand-me downs shirt and pajama set with Lightning McQueen designs from his older brother were not spared. Each time he sees them, he would cry until I allow him to wear those. Sometimes, I had to hide the clothes so he doesn’t see them.

Knowing how much he is into Lightning McQueen, hubby got him this pair:

Lightning McQueen Light-Up Sneakers

He never wanted to take them out of his feet. Not even while sleeping… When my parents saw him on skype, they immediately noticed the shoes still on his feet while sleeping:-).

Here’s a better picture from the net:

And now each time I watch the movie with him, I couldn’t help being misty-eyed on the part where McQueen was pushing The King to finish his last race, hahaha. But, really! I think that’s a really touching part… “there’s full of heart in there” as one of the car characters said:-).

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5 thoughts on “Can’t Part With His Fave Shoes

  1. Hi! Mommy Wends, McQueen is such a darling…:) My son is fascinated with him too. I can’t help but buy everything mcqueen 🙂 Oh, that part makes me cry too! 🙂

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