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Wandeugi VIP Premiere Night

I just called Jaz yesterday to tell her about some good news and told her that I can’t watch the regular premiere of her movie since hubby was leaving for a business trip this morning. She immediately offered a VIP Premiere ticket for me! Don’t you just love a star like that? hehehe.

She has her own page in the movie’s souvenir magazine and hers is the fourth in the List of the Casts:

Jasmine Lee as Wandeuk's Mom
Jasmine Lee as Wandeuk's Mom

Good friend Joel and I met Jaz at the CGV entrance and had a short chat at the coffee shop where all the casts were waiting for the call to enter the cinemas. Jaz introduced us as her friends and we exchanged a brief hi and hello but no, we didn’t shake hands with them or took some pictures.  Another perk from Jaz, hehehe.  While waiting for the call to enter – we entered with the casts:-) – this was the scene just outside the cinemas where press were waiting:


The casts were introduced before the start of the movie and this was the “best” shot that I got:


Jasmine Lee is the one at the center looking very beautiful in her gold top.

These are some of the scenes outside the theatres after the movie:

Jaz Lee signing autographs
Jaz Lee signing autographs

Jaz Lee signing autographs
Jaz Lee posing with fans
Jaz Lee posing with fans

Of course, I can’t go home without this:

autographs from Yoo Ah-in and Jasmine Lee
autographs from Yoo Ah-in and Jasmine Lee

There were a lot of people but I think there will be more during the regular premiere and the regular showing. The VIP premiere has a limited number of tickets as the stars were personally there to grace the event.

Stars do not usually have their photos taken with “fans” and their managers are there to forbid the eager ones. When Yoo Ah-In’s manager signalled for my friend, Joel, not to take a photo he said it was ok since we came with Jasmine (again, don’t you just love that?). And oh, he speaks English:-).  

with Yoo Ah-In who is more handsome in person than in the pictures and in the movie

Ahhhh…. it was a good night!

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  1. huhuhuhuhuh…

    bakit di mo ako tinawagan wends earlier yesterday…

    sama sana ako…huhuhuhuh..am off after 3 pm kaya..!!!


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