San Miguel Beer in Seoul

San Miguel beer is one of the beer favorites in the world. It tastes good, especially those ice cold San Miguel beers. For me, nothing beats San Mig Light!

Last Friday night hubby and I chanced upon a drinking place serving San Miguel beer. Enthusiastically ordered it, of course! Got two bottles for hubby and me …

a 6,000-won San Miguel beer
a 6,000-won San Miguel beer

It’s pricier than most US beers. This bottle costs 6,000-won (US$5.6) but hey, it’s a Philippine beer!  Most of our Korean friends back there in the Philippines loved our San Miguel beer.  Why wouldn’t we?

Let’s patronize our own!

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5 thoughts on “San Miguel Beer in Seoul

  1. san miguel is now selling san miguel beer in apple and lemon flavors…my sister said it’s really refrshing…..but i haven’t tasted it yet…hahahah

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