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Loving the Laneige Hydra Solution Mask

My regular sleeping time these days is between 4-5am. I always tell hubby i sleep beside them around 3am. lol.

Of course, I wake up with puffy eyes and a dizzy head. But, mommy duty calls! Wifey duties are taking the back seat hehehe… Hubby prepares his own cereal. Good thing he doesn’t eat heavy for breakfast.

I make up for my skin by using the Laneige Hydra Solution Mask. I used to do this once a week before, sometimes once in two weeks when I forget. But I easily ran out of supplies this time:-). So, off I went to buy another pack two days ago.


The store owner loves me! And I love her! She always gives me free stuff before but this time she was really generous. She gave me small sachets of Laneige Water Bank Essence, Mise en Scene Damage Care Perfect Serum for the hair, Iope Super Vital Extra Moist Cream, Laneige Homme for Men, Hanyul Hydrapeak Massage Serum and a Laneige travel kit (which I love the most):


This kit has a multi cleanser for all skin types, a water sleeping pack and a multiberry yogurt repair pack. I saw the store price for the 50ml multiberry yogurt pack for 25,000-won. Getting this pack made my day and the store owner got several thank you’s from me… hahaha.

Since I have already finished a Laneige cream before, I wouldn’t hesitate trying these samples. I’ve got to take the time for this. Weeee……. I’m excited!

My eye cream’s running out, too. Clinique or Laneige?

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5 thoughts on “Loving the Laneige Hydra Solution Mask

  1. Ate Wendy, i’ve tried laneige before kaya lang siguro sobrang tagal na stock ni mother in law kaya na irritate yung skin ko. but after watching on “get it beauty” how laneige’ cream beat ohter leading brands (including international brands), ive been itching to get my hands on that cream. i just still have 2 half full bottles of the skin care we bought last time so i guess i really have to wait some more. ㅠㅠ

    1. hi jehan, so far, this is the only brand that my skin got used to:-). the laneige cream i used before was actually more expensive than the clinique cream i had been using. so, i’m back to clinique now hahaha. but i’m a loyal mask user. i got a sample pack of the essence and i’m beginning to love it, too. no reactions, so far. the other korean brands i used before, my face immediately reacts.

      1. the nearest beauty outlet from our home is aritaum.. i might as well drop by tomorrow for the masks for some pampering before the whole day with the whole family. thanks for the wonderful review ate…

  2. Awww! Mommy Wends, I want. I don’t have a moisturizer na. And I super love the trial packs. And I want masks too. Please get me some too. haha. 🙂 How much do I need to save? 🙂

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