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Levelling Up Our Coffee Experience

I had a blog post before where I said that hubby has influenced me to be a black coffee convert. He did more than that. He has also infused his enthusiasm for coffee and everything about coffee. Our weekend mornings are longer than usual because we watch the kids play and we talk about anything over coffee. Now, we talk about coffee and everything about coffee over coffee. Get the picture? LOL.

Hubby’s love for coffee made him purchase a Syphon Coffee Maker. He chose the Hario Japanese brand because it is said to be one of the best brands out there. Well, there are only a few actually.

Hario Coffee Syphon

We started using our Syphon Coffee last Saturday. We had been waiting for that Saturday! We couldn’t take our coffee through our Syphon Coffee during the weekdays because we don’t want to take the pleasure of our coffee-drinking and the ritual-like process behind it when we use the Syphon Coffee. So, weekdays are through our regular coffee-maker. We take the Kirkland Colombian coffee with it.

Last Saturday, we celebrated our first use by opening our ground beans from Indonesia. Yeah, Indonesia is known for good ground beans:-). Hubby and I were talking why don’t we market our Batangas coffee beans, too? Anyway, so much for the segway on Batangas coffee beans! Here’s how we do the Syphon Coffee:

We filled up the glass bowl up to 5 cups and lighted the fire and waited for it to boil… right in front of us… while we were having breakfast and feeding the kids:-).

filling up the siphon with water and waiting to boil

This is how the whole of it looks like:

coffee siphon

After the water starts to boil, it starts to go up to the glass were the ground beans are:

water starts to go up to the upper chamber

Just stir the ground beans gently. When all the water is up on the upper glass container, take out the fire and you can see your coffee dripping down to the coffee glass bowl. Coffee’s almost ready!

The last step would be to gently take out the upper glass container and you can now pour your coffee into your cup from the very bowl from where you have boiled your water.

manually brewed coffee


I first saw this from UCC Greenhills but I never gave it a second thought before. In UCC, you don’t see it being done in front of you. The coffee is just being poured in front of you. Now, that we have it, I am just amazed. Hubby’s enthusiasm is very infectious. Now, I am looking at Belgium Royal Coffee Maker!

Weeeee… drinking coffee has never been this expensive! LOL.

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15 thoughts on “Levelling Up Our Coffee Experience

  1. Amazing, amazing way to experience coffee!! And I agree re Batangas coffee. It’s so delicious people around the world should know about it. ;p

  2. I’m jealous! Stovetop coffee maker lang yung samin. hehehe! By the way the malunggay ice cream is creamy at hindi sya mapait. Pero di ko nalasahan ang mallungay. hehehe!

  3. I love coffee and so does Tommy! I am actually planning of buying some packets of ground Batangas coffee for him to taste. The coffee maker looks lovely! The coffee it makes will go well with some biscuits… ACE crackers??? hee hee hee…

  4. Oh I’m a coffee drinker too. Sadly, hubby is not. Having said that, I’m sure I won’t be having that luxe coffee maker of yours soon so I have to be happy with my 3in1 sachets.. LoL. I love, I want. 🙂

  5. wow! and i envy how you can talk about anything over coffee ate Wendy… hubs just doesn’t like coffee but i really do. while reading while you waited for the water to boil, i imagined myself back in my good friend’s house in la trinidad.. her dad brews “benguet” coffee every morning. his first “state side” ground coffee beans were from me, a colombian coffee (from my uncles of course, haha!).. i’d go down to their house, about a kilometer and a half walk from ours almost every weekends just to sit outside their house, watch the flower plantation and talk about anything too over coffee… i guess i looked for a father figure when our dad passed away. ah… good memories…

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