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Jasmine Lee in Wandeugi

It was fun attending the VIP premiere night of the movie Wandeugi starring Yoo Ah-In as the rebellious Wandeuk and Kim Yoon-seuk as the eccentric teacher. Filipina Jasmine Lee is in the movie playing a very essential part as the mother of Wandeuk.

The movie is a screenplay adaptation of the best-selling book with the same title.  In the book, the mother of Wandeuk is a Vietnamese but since it was played by Jasmine Lee, the character was modified as a Filipina. Wandeuk grew up poor and without his mom. He was exposed to the life of his very short father and very tall uncle performing in cabarets as dancing clowns.  Later on, they continued with their clown antics selling anything on the streets with their rundown car. As a child, you would see him sometimes mimicking his father’s and uncle’s moves. He grew up with a temper and ready to throw his fist at the first sign of trouble. His relationship with his teacher is one of a witty volley of words that make the audience constantly laugh. It was dislike growing into fondness as the movie’s plot thickens.

img_0005Jasmine’s role as the mother of Wandeuk gives heart to the movie. She left her son with the father (watch the movie for the reason why) and met him again after 17 years. Jasmine’s performance gave justice to the role as it called for a deep sadness over a very long time of separation and an emotionally controlled eagerness to mother her son. After all, she just can’t hug him after 17 years of being absent in his life. She just cannot profusely shower him with love as she was also obviously beset with guilt. Wandeuk never knew of her presence until his teacher gradually informed him little facts about her. Mother and son encounters tug at the heart. There’s no doubt that after this movie Jasmine Lee will be getting more movies in the future. She delivered a very credible guilt-stricken mother who longs for her son. You will have no room to hate her for leaving Wandeuk. Instead, you can only be sympathetic to her character.

Way to go, Jaz!

We’ll wait and see as soon as it hits the cinemas for its regular viewing. For Filipinos living here in Korea, do take the time to watch. You’ll be proud you are excellently represented in the movie.

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6 thoughts on “Jasmine Lee in Wandeugi

  1. sayang, i read your text message so late na…9:30 pm na kaya…huhuhuh

    waiting for dvd na lang… or showing here in cgv ilsan…

    go go go jaz…. we are so proud of u…

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