Expanding Waistline and Australia Overload

I’m taking a few minutes out of my freelance writing.

I’m having Australia-overload right now. I had been having writing assignments about Australia for more than two weeks already. Writing about wheelchairs and arthritis and bespoke shoes served as welcome diversion.

But what makes me guilty towards my own body is simultaneously having Australia and muscle building topics at the same time. Got to write various articles for muscle building for more than a week now also. So, it’s five articles for each topic on a daily basis with a daily deadline. While writing these, I deprive myself from going to the gym, which my body has been longing for. Thus, the title for this post. And oh my, it’s showing!

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2 thoughts on “Expanding Waistline and Australia Overload

    1. hi Des, i am accepting up to 10 articles per day and deadlines are quite strict. if i allow my kids to just watch tv, i wouldn’t have to sleep until 4-5am hahaha. but i feel guilty not playing with them so i write only when they’re sleeping:-0. others may not find it really demanding, though:-).

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