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Escalator Etiquette No More

One of the things I have noticed when I came to live here in Seoul more than five years ago was the unwritten escalator “etiquette” that Seoulites were accustomed to. If you are in a hurry and you want to walk up or down in the escalator you have to take  the left side. If you want to take the leisurely escalator ride and remain stationery, you have to take the right side. Even couples do that.


Apparently, it’s not going to be anymore. It is being discouraged and advertisements are out educating escalator users not to walk up or down for safety reasons. When using the escalator, you have to be stationery as you are, in the first place, meant to be.

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4 thoughts on “Escalator Etiquette No More

  1. They do the same thing in Singapore. I think its a good idea since it gives other people who are hurrying some consideration. But I do agree it might be a little dangerous especially if the escalator is moving at a fast rate.

  2. so guilty.i never miss using d left side of the escalator in subways after work.i have to be at the front door of my daughter’s kindergarten at 5:00…

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