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2011 Korean Film Festival in the Philippines

Make time for the 2011 Korean Film Festival in the Philippines. It will start this Monday, September 19, with “Secret Reunion” as the featured film for its premier night at the Cinema 6 of the Mall of Asia (MOA) at 730pm. What’s special about this movie? Ms. Jasmine Lee, the most successful Filipino migrant who is making a name for herself here in Korea through television, movies and politics, is IN the movie.

I wasn’t able to watch the whole movie but I watched the parts where Ms. Jasmine Lee appeared. We watched it during one of our Pinoy get-together here in the house. We had fun listening to Jaz’s explanation about the scenes and the story and some bits about the actors. But, of course, I don’t know these actors even though they are very popular here in Korea so I immediately forgot those bits about them…lol.

You can check the schedule of the 2011 Korean Film Festival from the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines website.

Admission is free! If you are near the Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa and SM Cebu, and if you are into Korean movies and culture, this will be a good opportunity to see some of the best Korean films. Just check the schedule in the link provided and be early to line up.

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