Stone Heads from Jeju-do

This day last year, we headed to Jeju Island. I actually posted about it (here are some links: Jeju Summer Vacation, The Love Land, and The World’s Most Expensive Teddy Bear) but I didn’t write about the stone heads we saw everywhere. The stone heads are called dol hareubangs. Dol means head while hareubang means senior. They are considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility and were placed outside of gates for protection against demons traveling between realities.

We had a great time looking at these stone heads while going around Jeju. They are actually fascinating when you see them in clusters and in all sizes.

So, we decided that  this was the most fitting souvenir to bring home:


When Firstborn sees this, he is always reminded of the time we spent in Jeju and for him the relevance of this stone souvenirs is that it’s a family of four representing daddy, mommy, kuya and baby:-).

We are looking forward for more family travels and more souvenirs which will always serve as conversation pieces to bond us always.

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2 thoughts on “Stone Heads from Jeju-do

  1. We just had a discussion about this in the class today. Our teacher told us that when a woman touches the nose of that dol hareubang, she will have a son. And most Koreans in the past (maybe some until now) prefer to have sons. Thus, many women who wish to give birth to a son go to Jeju and do the “ritual”.

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