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SPAO: A Korean Clothing Brand

p7300715Japan has Uniqlo. And so Korea has SPAO.

SPAO is trendy. SPAO is becoming popular. Thanks to all the Korean celebrities modelling the brand, it has assured its place in the Korean clothing industry. Who wouldn’t want to wear what the Super Junior and Girls’ Generation are wearing?

I checked on its Myeongdong store last weekend and got a few items.

The shoppers there were young. I felt like I was the only ajumma:-). Anyway, here’s the SPAO website for those who are interested to check this brand out.

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2 thoughts on “SPAO: A Korean Clothing Brand

  1. Mommy Wends, me naman when I go to Etude House, I feel that I’m the only ahjumma in the store. 🙂 Oh well…I’ll check it out, maybe I’ll find something for my young at heart.:)

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