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“Slow Garden” in Samcheon-dong

Samcheon-dong offers a good walk time with friends as it is lined up with small, artistically-designed and unique shops. The appearances of the shops are something to talk about. There are boutiques, cafes and art galleries lining up the streets. Too bad, I wasn’t able to get pictures the last time I walked through Samcheon-dong with friends.

We passed by Samcheon-dong again and we decided to have some waffles and patbingsu (like Philippines’ halo-halo) for the kids. We stopped by this place called Slow Garden. I can’t say much about the waffles and patbingsu as I was more on running after my Second-born lest he breaks some displays in the restaurant but here’s how the entrance of the place looks like:



The front of the restaurant looks cozy and promises of a cozier place inside. It’s a big place and part of it is this:


It was quite late when we got there. Some shops along Samcheon-dong were in fact close already thus, the small number of diners… which was just good for us because we have kids making noise and running around.

As most of the shops around here are self-service, here’s how you get your water in Slow Garden:


Nice place. It has a comfortable, unpretentious ambiance. It doesn’t scrimp on place as most restaurants do.

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3 thoughts on ““Slow Garden” in Samcheon-dong

  1. Hi Mommy Wends! 🙂 I have to visit that too. I can’t wait to make it there soon. Haha! 🙂 Anyway, I’ll send you an email on my shopping assistance from you. Thanks. You made my day by that “seriously” line. 🙂

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