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KBS Drama Shooting at Trapalace

Just a while ago, I wished I am a Korean drama fan. I would have known who was at the ground floor of our apartment building and which drama they were shooting. I actually asked what the title of the drama was… and it didn’t register on me lol. So, all information out. Not even a single picture taken as I only went down to the Family Mart with my two boys to buy snacks.

Ah… yeah. Last week, there was also a drama shoot here. I would be really a more useful and relevant Korea-based blogger if I get myself to be more interested with Korean celebrities, wouldn’t I? Hahaha. Come to think of it, I did try to be more attentive of Jasmine Lee’s “Love In Asia” show but I just always forget to turn on the television. But, of course, Jaz knows about me not being a TV person:-).

I wonder, how much do they pay the Trapalace administration office for the location fee? I learned that the Trapalace administration office charges a location fee for shootings done here in the building when Love in Asia was supposed to shoot a short documentary for Jaz last year for her return to the show after a brief hiatus. We ended up shooting in a coffee shop hehehe.

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3 thoughts on “KBS Drama Shooting at Trapalace

  1. Hi Weng. It’s like I have to post a comment on this particular blog. Maybe because i’m into kdrama this past few weeks. Well not really a kdrama addict.. more like a YAB addict. Which…. got me into thinking of ONE day… maybe i’ll visit you in SeouL. haha. yah.. i’m losing it.

    i’m just glad that thanks to my YAb addiction, I can now read your blog and can actually draw a picture of the places you’re mentioning. I’m becoming more familiar with some, if not a lot, of S. Korea’s beautiful places… and it always make me smile thinking that you’re there.

    Hoping someday.. I can drop by to see you and purchase mine & Khloe’s very own PigRabbit. 🙂

    And aside from the the shopping places you’re always writing about, Jeju is more and more growing unto my list of Places Wishing to Visit 🙂

    Miss you. Kisses to the boys 🙂

  2. Hi! Oh yes! If you’ll be into more K-Dramas, I’m sure your will rock big time! 🙂 What if you share exclusive drama shooting place, or photos of Hallyu Stars? Hmmm, the possibilities…:) Super love…

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