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Getting Wet in Water Fountains

I’ve been living here in Korea for more than five years already. And each summer I never fail to see kids frolicking and getting wet in these water fountains sprouting everywhere here in Seoul:


And each time I see them, I can’t understand why. Oh well, I can understand the kids’ joy playing and getting wet… being carefree and being kids go together, anyway. What I don’t understand is parents allowing their kids to play in these water fountains.

Picture this: You go to a mall and you see water fountains. You allow your kids to get wet. After the fun, you change their clothes and carry the wet clothes around. Those kids practically took a bath from those waters.

I know it’s socially acceptable to do that here. Heck, almost everyone’s doing that. I’m just glad the kiddos are not too keen on joining this kind of fun.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Wet in Water Fountains

  1. I bet that would make for a pain in theses car ride home. I’d totally forget a change of clothes. There’s also a good chance I’d jump in there too. I’m random.

  2. i hate it when i see kids do this….i cant understand why parents allow them to play in the fountains when they dont even know if the water used in the fountains are CLEAN enough for kids….i even hate it more when my little zach runs to the fountain to join kids playing there…it always turns into a BIG FIGHT

    1. hahaha.. good thing my two boys are not too keen on getting wet… and yes, we don’t know about the cleanliness of the water:-)

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