Cool Mom and Cooler Kids

Hubby left for Dubai ten days ago and went directly to Indonesia for his never-ending business trips. Kiddos and I miss him already but thanks to Skype we remain connected. We see and hear him everyday. He hears and sees the kiddos laugh, cry and move around.

Of course, this isn’t new. He’s gone every month, after all. That’s the nature of his job. But on this business trip, kiddos have stretched my capability and so far, I have appeared a cool mom to my cooler kids.

Firstborn was happily playing with a playmate last weekend when from afar, I saw him stopped running and suddenly threw up. It wasn’t a good sight but he was a good sport about it. After cleaning him up, he wanted to play some more and I just have to talk him out of it. And he had diarrhea, too. Good thing, it was only for a day.

Today, Second-born woke up from a night of vomiting (3 times) to a diarrhea. We went to the doctor and got some medicine. When we went home baby was still happy and active that I had to force him to have a nap. After 8 diaper changes for the day for Second-born, kiddos finally allowed me to sit down undisturbed in front of my computer. A few stirring here and there, I hope to finish four articles tonight. But before I do that, I just have to write this post appreciating these two kids for their happy disposition, even during sickness, make me a calm Mom:-).

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4 thoughts on “Cool Mom and Cooler Kids

  1. Hi Mommy Wends! Sorry, I just read this post. 🙁 Hope all is well with your kids now. And I super admire you, your an epitome of class and grace, if I were that initially, I might have been hyperventilating or panicking until you think through everything and realizes that you truly have to be calm about it, and always be reassuring to your kids that everything will be alright because mom is here. 🙂

  2. hugs to your little boys, ate Wendy… i hope they are both okay now. that’s what i love about SooAe too, she’s showing everyone her happy disposition. also, when she got sick, Alex told me that i was “over reacting” already.. i guess because at the back of my mind i was always thinking “how did this happen? why did i let it happen?” but a reassuring call from my mom said that time comes when babies become susceptible to illnesses and that as much as we want to, we really can’t control everything.. ah.. moms are really great!

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